About Me

Welcome to Healthy Gourmet Food, Cooking and Tips. My name is Dush and I live in garden state of New Jersey with my wonderful husband. I am an IT Specialist by profession, a Gourmet Foodie at heart. I love everything about food. My interest for food goes beyond the mere taste sensation; the colors, textures and smell.

I grew up in Sri Lanka, a tiny tropical island off Indian Ocean, famous for its lush green tea plantations, sandy beaches, delicious sea food and most for all for fiery curries. My inspirations for healthy food came from my grandma who believed in growing her own organic fruit and vegetable garden was not only essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it encouraged us to live in harmony with the nature.

I first started this blog in 2010 to organize my recipe collection and share my  new culinary adventures with the family back home. Now it has grown in to a fun project not just for  sharing recipes and food photography, getting to know so many wonderful foodies around the world through this space.
All the recipes you do see in my blog are my own creations  unless noted and I do take lot of love and care to prepare each dish to get approvals from my foodie husband. You are welcome to share my journey of exploring the beauty of gourmet cooking, fine wine, healthy cooking tips and every day interests.
If you are just stopping by to check out the food photography or hopping for a recipe, Thank You for visiting my blog. I hope that you'll find some useful recipes to feed your appetite for good food and healthy living.

Cooking Is Like Love. It Should Be Entered Into with Abandon or Not At All

               ~Julia Child~